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Spotlight: The Silk Loft

Finding your wedding dress can be the most exciting, fun, enjoyable, challenging, overwhelming, stressful and joyous occasion! Yes, I know that this sequence of adjectives contradict each other but this can quite often be the case when on the search for 'the' dress. Many brides to be have thought about their perfect wedding dress long before they even have a fiancé or the prospect of a big day to wear it on, others wouldn't have a clue where to start when asked to describe their dream dress. The most common piece of advice for all brides to be is to try on a number of different styles, and I would definitely agree with that, even if just for the sense of occasion. I mean, how often are you offered a glass of bubbly whilst out dress shopping?!

In all seriousness though, these days brides do at least have an idea of the style/feel of dress that they are after. Most brides book their wedding venue before anything else, and so the style is often influenced by that. Classic for a stately home, light and romantic for a beach or something a little boho for an outdoor wedding. Whatever your style, you should be able to 'be you' on your wedding day and I think that this is the key point that a good bridal boutique would consider when welcoming their potential brides. Yes, recommend dresses; yes, let them try on as many as they want; and yes, help them find THEIR dream dress!

So, where does the bride to be go on the search of this all important dress?

Well, if you are a modern bride, looking for a dress that allows you to indulge in, and express your individual style whilst honouring the bridal look, then look no further than The Silk Loft!

The Silk Loft, is a brand new bridal boutique located in the village of Felinheli, between Bangor and Caernarfon and is owned by the lovely Katie Gill.

I first met Katie a few months ago, when we were both busy working on our upcoming websites for our new ventures and Katie was yet to receive the keys to her new boutique. We sat and discussed our plans and how we hoped our businesses could bring a new lease of life to the wedding scene in North Wales.

Katie is so easy to get along with, she has a bubbly, fun character, and she is laid back and approachable. It was easy to imagine her really putting brides to be at ease in her company, and them trusting her to offer sound advice.

Fast forward a few busy months, and The Silk Loft is a bright, welcoming space that recognises the special experience that every bride deserves. It is open by exclusive appointment only, meaning that you will be able to take your time and enjoy your dress search in a calm and comfortable environment, of course with a glass of the all important bubbly in hand!. So, if you are ready to enjoy your search for the perfect dress in a relaxed and private setting do contact Katie to book your appointment.

Katie has selected some seriously gorgeous gowns, each one aligned with the ethos of the Silk Loft; beautiful in detail, stylish in design and gowns that will make the bride look and feel incredible.

These pieces, by Rembo Styling, Watters WTOO and Willowby, and Amanda Wyatt are exclusive to the area and really offer the future brides of North Wales the chance to wear a timeless gown from some of the most creative and stylish bridal collections. I really can't recommend the Silk Loft enough!

Brides to be ... GO!

Good luck Katie on your new venture! I can't wait to see all the stylish and effortlessly beautiful 'Silk Loft' brides of the future, they are really in safe hand with you!


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