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Popping the engagement bubble! How quickly do the pressures of wedding planning set in?

Well, it seems like this is a very timely blog post as Prince Harry has today announced his engagement to the beautiful Meghan Markle! How exciting! Congratulations to the gorgeous couple.

I’ve been planning on writing this blog for the last 3 weeks, in fact probably from two days after I got engaged myself! If you read my last blog post, you will know that my now fiancé, Iwan (still getting used to calling him that!) thought that I had entered the world of wedding planning mainly as a huge hint for him to put a ring on it… well, it finally worked ! Haha! He asked the all important question whilst we were away in the Lake District at the beginning of the Month. Yay!

newly engaged!

I’m quite honoured to find myself in the ‘newly engaged bubble’ at the same time as a future Princess! However, I’m sure that my engagement will be quite a bit longer than Meghan and Harry’s who apparently look set for a Spring 2018 wedding. Being in that bubble though, in all honesty didn’t last very long! Even in the week immediately after our engagement, I was being asked ‘when’s the wedding?’ more than ‘how did he propose?’ (it was a lovely proposal by the way, but I won’t divulge too much and ruin his street cred!). I'm not sure if that is because we have been together for such a long time and so people just want us to get on with it already!, or because of my chosen line of work, but there just didn't seem to be any time to just enjoy being engaged.

It’s funny because I met with one of my lovely bride’s to be about a month before our engagement and she told me that she had experienced the same thing, and that it had made them delay their wedding planning a little because they felt this big sense of pressure almost as soon as he had got up off his knee. To that bride to be, I can now safely say, I hear you Sista!

There is so much interest around royal weddings and celebrity weddings these days, and it is so easy for us to get a glimpse at them via the wonderful world wide web that it is difficult not to compare your own wedding to them. But not just the wedding itself, we also compare how quickly their wedding tends to come along after their adorable engagement announcements. Quite often you get a sense of, ‘Wow, didn’t they just get engaged?’

According to Harpers Bazaar, the average length of an engagement in the UK is now 20 months and to be honest that probably sounds about right for me, especially since I too now join the club of everyday mere mortals who need to meticulously budget and save for our big days. Even though I am not planning to have a ‘big’ wedding, I understand more than most how costs can mount up.

Of course, I do already know what type of dress I want, what colours I like, what song I would want to walk down the aisle to and all of those other little details that you try not to think about until you have that precious ring on your finger. I also have a list of suppliers and wedding professionals who I’m itching to contact and book. After all, when I spend most days collecting and presenting ideas for other brides to be it is hard not to think, oh I quite like that or, oh, I want them to do my wedding!

Beautiful Lake Windermere

But, for now, I’m content with my wedding day being quite a while away and with not having a date set. I’m happy reliving the proposal and looking at my ring. I’m going to get back in my newly engaged bubble, and enjoy it. I’m not quite ready for it to pop! I, like everyone else will LOVE looking through Prince Harry and Meghan's wedding photos, and who ever else might be getting married next year. But, I won’t be pressured by them or anyone else, and neither should you.

I’ll let them inspire me and then I’ll carry on planning my wedding and doing it my way!

Jade x

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