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How to style up your wedding. From Pinterest, to reality!

So, you’ve booked your wedding venue, selected a florist and pinned hundreds of pictures on to your very own ‘My wedding’ Pinterest board. Great! Now, what next? I speak to so many brides (and grooms!) to be who have a Pinterest board, but who just can’t envision how those ideas, wants, and wishes would come to life. After all, Pinterest weddings aren’t real, they are professionally styled inspiration shoots and tablescapes set in perfectly lit studios or in remote locations that, in reality, wouldn’t be able to host a real wedding. And yes, whilst this is partly true – it doesn’t mean that something just as divine can’t be created for your wedding day. These are, after all INSPIRATION shoots and are put together meticulously to get all you future brides and grooms to be creative and really think about what it is that you want at your wedding, they are meant to encourage you and guide you towards finding your unique wedding style. If you look closely enough, you will also find that amongst those professionally posed styled shoots are some incredibly stylish real weddings, and they’re not all created on a massive budget!

Something BIG happened at the beginning of the year here at Jade Leung HQ … one of my own inspiration shoots was published on none other than the absolute mega house blog that is, Rock My Wedding! For a planner and stylist in the wedding industry, that is HUGE and I am still pinching myself… as well as constantly checking their website just to check that it is really there and I haven’t dreamt it up! You might be wondering what that has got to do with how you style up your wedding? Well … let me tell you! You see, that inspiration shoot also started as some ideas in my head, followed by some Pinterest-ing (that should definitely be a word, right?!) … but it did make it to reality … and so can your ideas about your wedding! Here’s how to do it:

If your first venue visit is now a bit of a daze, re-visit it. You need to make sure that your ideas will fit within the space. You might also find that there is a lovely little feature that you didn’t notice the first time around, that you would like to make use of, a little cubby hole that you could put cushions and blankets in for people to chill out in or a beautiful piece of furniture that you could utilise as a dessert station or a display for photographs and memories of your relationship. Take pictures of your venue for reference and ask lots of questions when you visit just in case they have restrictions about what you can do. There is no point dreaming about that amazing hanging floral installation if you aren’t allowed to attach anything to the ceiling!

Next, get your creative on and find your wedding style! Like you, I spend hours trawling through Pinterest, wedding blogs and Instagram, just searching for inspiration. I love finding new trends and thinking how I would adapt them to suit my signature style. I also love stumbling across some quirky styling elements or something out of the ordinary that I think would reflect my personality. The key here, is to not let your pinning run away on a tangent. You will quickly identify a theme, colour, style of wedding that you like from your first few pins. Think about why you have pinned them, is it the colours that you like? Is it its romantic styling or its understated elegance? Or is it that it is completely original and funky? Find your wedding style and go with it! Every now and again though, review your board and remove any pins that no longer fit as your ideas have developed.

You can also take this a step further and create an inspiration board, this would mean really honing in on what it is that you want to create and choosing a select few images to represent that, be it a colour swatch, some flowers, bridesmaid dresses or stationery. I've a few inspiration boards here if you fancy taking a look!

When I first visited the Rivercatcher, which is where our styled shoot took place. I fell in love. Quite literally. It is amazing, and if you haven’t booked your venue yet and are looking for one in beautiful North Wales, it is well worth a visit! The outdoor space especially is just amazing, and it was that space that inspired my styling for the rest of the shoot. I had an almost immediate vision for using the outdoor space and creating something within it. We were to utilise the indoor function space for a mock ceremony and wedding breakfast, but I wanted to include the grounds too. I’ve always loved the idea of relaxed, outdoor dining, and hanging installations of all forms are huge in wedding styling right now, and so that was the beginning of my Pinterest idea search.

I came across loads of inspiration for creating candlelit seating areas nestled in the trees (dreamy!) Beautiful draping and lighting installations perfect for ceremonies deep within woodland (stunning!). And a number of hanging food stations used within wedding reception spaces which could easily have been replicated within the Rivercatcher’s function room… BUT that wasn’t exactly what I wanted. I wanted an encapsulation of all these ideas! I wanted:

  1. a hanging installation

  2. a dessert/cake station

  3. the above, hanging from a tree (of course!)

And so, inspired by what I found I set about putting my own spin on it …

Firstly, I referred to the pictures I took at the venue, then I sketched out my ideas inspired by my Pinterest-ing (forgive me, I’m clearly not the best artist around but I find that putting pencil to paper often helps!)

If your ideas are completely new, you may end up having to make something yourself, or searching for an able creative to make something for you.

The ‘cake swing’ we ended up with was built specifically for this shoot by Made by Wood and looked just amazing hanging from the Rivercatcher trees … put a divine 3 tier cake by Hayley’s Piped Dreams on top, along with some mini desserts and a delicately wrapped trail of fresh greenery from Ivy, Pip and Rose and it looks even better!

Here is my sketch for the inside space; and what it looked like on the day:

So, there you have it, what is in your head, in your sketchbook or on your Pinterest board IS possible. Just make sure you are considering your venue when pinning away and always remember that this will be YOUR wedding and so the styling you end up with should reflect YOU!

Jade x


Photography: Heledd Roberts

Styling and props: by me

Cake: Hayley’s Piped Dreams

Flowers: Ivy, Pip and Rose

Cake swing: Made by Wood and Wood

Venue: The Rivercatcher

Stationery: Quaintly Kate

Backdrop: The Soiree Stylists

Hair: Ypdws Elin Wyn

Make-up: Keena make up artist

Videography: Emily J Roberts

Chair hire: The Hire Co

Check out the full feature on Rock My Wedding here

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