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How to plan a memorable wedding, when you're up against the Royal wedding!

Well, here we go. Hold on to your hats, it is Royal wedding weekend! I know there are some people out there who will be sick of hearing about the royal wedding, others will be just itching to find out what Meghan’s dress is like, who will walk her down the aisle and what type of hat Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie will be wearing (remember Kate and William's wedding?!) Whichever camp you are in, there is no getting away from what will dominate our TV screens, radios and pretty much every single source of news or information this weekend!

I was asked recently what I thought made a memorable wedding. Well, weddings are a wonderful, happy and fun occasion (hopefully!), but what will make your wedding day memorable when your guests might be attending one every weekend for the whole summer? For me, the most memorable ones are those that clearly resonate the personalities of the couple in question. We are used to couples choosing their favourite songs at certain points throughout the day for the first dance or for the processional at the ceremony, but now more and more couples are also being braver about the rest of the day and making sure it reflects them. So, they’re not just choosing elements because they are current trends but because they mean something to them too.

This can be stylistically. For example, by going for a clean and minimalist look if they are a modern trendy couple, going botanical if they are a relaxed and free-spirited couple or by going all out bright and colourful if they are avid festival goers and love to host a party! The most memorably styled weddings are those that have a consistent style throughout – so their wedding stationery, wedding décor and wedding party attire all tie in nicely together. The colours used for the bridal party and groomsmen’s accessories form a beautiful colour palette complemented by the floral design. For me personally, simplicity is key – choosing a few key elements to stamp a style. Less is more!

Memorable weddings are also fun for guests. Let’s face it, weddings are often long days. For morning ceremonies, we are expecting our guests to be up, suited and booted by 11am, sometimes even earlier and then we want them to still be in the party mood and rocking that dance floor at midnight. I don’t know about you, but I can only give it my inner rockstar for a few hours at best, so we need to make sure that our guests are entertained throughout the day and that they have somewhere to just chill out if they need to. Interactivity in weddings is hugely popular, and a great way to keep guests entertained. So, weddings where guests are included in making their own cocktails at the drinks reception or where they can select their own dessert toppings from a dessert bar go down well.

Weddings where children are invited are a difficult one, do their parents really enjoy having to hush them during the ceremony or entertain them during the wedding breakfast rather than enjoy the day themselves? Take that pain away from them and organise a children’s zone to keep the little ones busy!

Whatever we see this weekend, this wedding is sure to kick start a few new trends. Just like Kate rejuvenated lace wedding gowns, and Pippa brought a whole new meaning to botanical styling. For those of you whose weddings are coming up, be inspired by Meghan and Harry’s day, but then remember to put your personality right back at the heart of yours.

Jade x

PS. Breaking news whilst typing away ... Prince Charles will be the one to accompany Meghan down the aisle, how lovely!

Image credits:

Photography: Heledd Roberts Photography

Styling by me

Flowers: Ivy, Pip and Rose

Chocolate geo favours: Hayley's Piped Dreams

Stationery: Magnetig designs

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