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Real wedding: Karen and Nyron’s Shed Shindig!

Karen and Nyron … where to begin? I think I’ll start by saying that I literally love this couple. Their relationship is infectious; they are happy, fun, creative and giggly, and what was clear right from the very beginning was that their relationship (now marriage) is based on real, old fashioned love. It’s hard not to want to ‘aww’ when you’re around them.

So, here goes with their wedding planning journey. Karen first contacted me just before Christmas at the end of last year. She and Nyron both lived and work in London, they were to have a Church ceremony in Karen’s home town, followed by a reception at her family estate. My immediate thought was that this would probably be a marquee wedding, but it wasn’t … their reception was to be held in the family ‘shed’. And so, with 5 months to go, the plans for the ‘Shed Shindig’ began!

Now this wasn’t just your average shed – it was a very large industrial looking shed with a mezzanine floor level. It was a dream ‘space’, but we were going to have to do a lot of work to get it looking shindig ready. I spent a lot of time on the phone with Karen in those first few weeks, and even more time sending emails back and forth! The to do list included; sourcing a ‘posh’ toilet block, finding caterers who could deliver a street food vibe wedding breakfast, sorting out the electrics, building or sourcing a bar, and then all the pretty such as lighting, draping, furniture and décor.

I’m never one to shy away from a large to do list, and neither were they! Karen’s family, her Father in particular, was amazing throughout the process. He turned the shed from a standard place to store gardening tools and old furniture into a venue of dreams. The floor was painted, the whole outside area re-surfaced and a bespoke bar was built! More on that later.

Fast forward to the day itself, as let’s face it that is the bit you’re all waiting for! During the morning whilst Karen and her bridal party were being pampered by Alexandra Ellen (make-up) and Elin Wyn (hair), and Nyron was spending time with his family I set about the finishing touches to the Shed, along with my fabulous assistant Nia (diolch!). We were also joined by the AMAZING Matt and Lou from Hardy’s catering – who were prepping the wedding breakfast menu. I need to tell you more about Matt and Lou, they were literally the catering dream team and I am so glad that I found them! The brief as I mentioned earlier was a street food vibe, serving flavourful cuisine … think Caribbean flavours! They just ‘got it’, the menu they came up with was colourful, fun and bloody tasty! And even better was that they prepared it and served it from a combination of a BBQ and their Big Dub of Love – a bright orange VW van, just perfect!

Styling … my favourite part, always! And Karen and Nyron know style! Industrial, geometric, copper … the dream. I’m not going to talk too much about that, just let you look at the beautiful images. They speak for themselves.

I could literally write about this wedding and all the details for hours, I loved it that much. But instead, I will leave you with my highlights.

The speeches.

Totally cried. Quite a bit! I have to be honest, I’m not often a fan of speeches. I’m not sure why, but it just isn’t usually my favourite part of the day.

BUT, these were different. Karen spoke beautifully about her family and friends who were with them on their special day and the bond that she and Nyron had found … cue my first tears. Then her Father spoke about his pride in being able to host the wedding at their family home. Cue second lot of tears.

Nyron was up next. And, I’m proper welling up with this one. It was all the right levels of funny and emotional - and even though I'd only known them a few months, you really couldn't tell. All the stories he told were completely relatable and not just built on stories that you had to be a part of to enjoy. I wish I’d have filmed it – it was that good!

And then to finish off, Nyron’s Father who was also the Best Man gave a heart-warming, funny and all-around brilliant speech. Best. Speeches. ever! I even had to go into my ‘wedding tool kit’ and open the tissues that are usually on hand for the bride!

The bar.

I mentioned the bespoke built bar a little earlier – but it definitely deserves its own place in my highlights. Karen and Nyron decided early on that they wanted to build their own bar rather than hire one in. We discussed the best position for the bar and the technicalities of it, but the rest they looked after themselves … keeping with industrial look they built the bar from breeze blocks and finished it with a gorgeous marble work top. It looked as if it had always been there! And they also included some built-in shelving for some plant pots. Genius!

That’s not the end of the bar story, as mid-way through the evening the bride and groom themselves took a shift behind the bar! A great way to make sure they got a chance to speak to all of their guests …

The piñata

If you’ve read a few of my previous blog posts, you’ll know that I’m a fan of the non-traditional, of brides and grooms stepping away from the norm and embracing their own personalities on what is after all, their day! Karen and Nyron certainly did that when it came to the time-honoured tradition of the wedding cake… they didn’t have one! Well, actually they did have one… it just wasn’t edible! Nope, their wedding cake built by Nyron; à la Blue Peter, 'here’s one I made earlier style', hung from a tree! And instead of guests gathering around to watch them slice it … they gathered to watch them smash it! Just brilliant! And especially great fun for the kids, who had their own version too.

I couldn’t possibly finish this post without mentioning Tash, from Love Luella Photography. Not only did she capture all of these wonderful images which beautifully bring to life the fun, party atmosphere of the day, but she did it with the coolest, laid back attitude on the day. THANKS TASH!

So that’s it, Karen and Nyron you were an absolute joy. Wishing you all the happiness in the World and can’t wait to see where life takes you next.

Jade x

Other suppliers involved:

Hyacinth Ice Cream


The Function Hub


Sparks mobile disco

The Hire Co

MAD Sound and Lighting

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