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REAL WEDDING: Kate and Matt. A super fun barn wedding for a super special couple

Kate and Matt. Where to begin. Well, I’m sure that all you readers (I'm assuming people are reading these posts of mine!) have all been joining in with the nations clap for carers every Thursday evening for the last few weeks. That few minutes is for many of us the only glimpse of other people that we are seeing right now. A community effort at lifting spirits and thanking those taking care of us during these testing times. So, I am starting this post by especially thanking Kate, a Doctor and Matt, a paramedic for all that they are doing not just right now, but every day. I am so proud to have been a part of your wedding last September.

Our planning process began when I was invited up to the Lodge, Dinorwic for a cuppa and a chat with the lovely couple. Tip for future couples: if you want to hit it off with me, make sure that our meetings take place somewhere where I can get myself some tea, cake and if you are really spoiling me – a bloody good falafel salad. Ha! We had a lengthy chat on that first meeting. Kate and Matt were planning a DIY wedding at Llyn Gywnant barns, for which they had bought their own alcohol on a recent trip to France. They were going to create their own DJ playlist for the evening and were hoping to get out onto the lake at some point during the day. They wanted their day to be fun and relaxed, but also to feel like a wedding and not just a party. My role was therefore to help them bring all of their ideas together into a structured day, and to be there to make sure everything was orderly, but fun! I didn’t write a lot down at that first meeting, which is unusual for me! Must have been enjoying the chat too much. But my first meeting notes went along the lines of: ‘super fun couple, lots of wine, beer kegs, lake, ceilidh. YAAS!

I’m going to skip right to the day itself now, because it was epic! And the amazing photographs captured by Amy and Omid are all you need …

Here are my top 3 highlights:

The ceremony

I love Llyn Gwynant barn ceremonies. The barn is such a lovely setting, but there is something extra special about the ceremony space. It has a real ‘church’ feel to it without being a religious building. This is probably thanks to the large stained window which sits to the left of the altar and when the light catches it the reflections onto the stage where the happy couple stand to say their vows is super special.

The people

Kate, Matt, their family and friends are all super cool and super active! A very large portion of them camped in the fields for the whole wedding weekend, both in stand alone tents and in a little tipi village that was built especially for them. This meant that on the morning of the wedding, whilst I was busy with the final set-up, there was a real buzz around the venue. The groomsmen walked up Snowdon on the morning of the wedding, I kid you not! And when they got back they were all busy getting ready; ironing their shirts, running through speeches, testing out the beer kegs. Ha!

The buzz of activity continued through the day and into the evening. Kate and Matt went out onto the lake on a rowing boat post ceremony, there was a ceilidh dance to open the evening celebrations (that EVERY SINGLE GUEST took part in!) and the DJ playlist went down a right treat, as did the s'mores out by the campfire after the sun went down!

This wedding really felt like a team effort, and that is when you know you’ve got some really great guests! They had even contributed to pudding by bringing some of their own dishes along to the pudding table for everyone to try. An extra special touch was that Kate and Matt shared their cake cutting moment with two guests who were celebrating their birthdays on the same day. A ‘happy birthday’ sing song and blowing out of candles included!

The ‘D.I.O’

I often talk about ‘DIY’ weddings – as many of the weddings I help with are of that nature. But the scale of DIY-ing can be varied. This one though, because of all of the elements that came together and all of the helpers involved in doing so was one that I will now coin as a DO IT OURSELVES wedding!

From setting up the venue, to helping me clear and keep tables and chairs, to supplying all of their own alcohol (soft drinks were available too, I promise!), to doing their own flowers, creating their own stationery and signage. Team Kate and Matt, I salute you – and I’m elated to have been a part of your crew for the day!

I'll be clapping for you guys this evening.

Stay safe everyone,

Jade x

Supplier team:

Photography: Amy and Omid

Catering: Yours truly Catering and Jones Pizza Co

Wedding cake: Mafon

Hair: KPS Hair

Make-up: Ceri Olivia

Ceilidh: Aderyn Prin

Tipi village: The Tipi Hire Company

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